Gary Shetter

Here at the Gary Shetter Insurance, our goal is to provide you with fair policies, reliable advice, and a sense of security that will help your family live well and thrive!

Meet the Team

Gary Shetter

Agency Owner

A native of south Pennsylvania, from the historic city of Chambersburg, Gary has been in the insurance industry for over 3 decades. Gary gets most excited about the prospect of helping people through the navigation of the insurance world and helping through education on making the best decisions for his clients and his clients’ families.

On a personal level, Gary spends his free time giving back to the community by dedicating his time to the Lions Club International where he can see the impact of the organization has on people all over the world. Additionally, he enjoys sampling different flavors of craft beer and spending the spring and fall months in the outdoors often enjoying the weather riding his bike as much as possible.

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Helen Grim

Helen is our local liaison. Born and raised in Altoona, she is the perfect fit for our agency because she comes straight out of the direct community we serve. She has a passion for people and doing everything she can to help especially with their insurance needs.

In her free time, Helen enjoys spending with her adult toddler who is only four years old but tries to act like he is 20. She enjoys people watching and studying how they act in different situations. Her free time is usually spent running errands to support her friends and family.

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Kirsten College


Kirsten is our hometown hero from Everett, PA. She most looks forward to meeting new people every day and getting involved with her fellow community members and finding commonality with them. The insurance world could be confusing so her favorite aspects of being a part of the agency include educating in the basics of insurance and helping generate quotes that are specific to people’s needs. 

Her pride and joy come from her two children and her husband. Kirsten’s free time is mostly spent with family. They enjoy going on small road trips to explore new places and experiences with each other.

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