The Pride of Our Community

When it comes to community-serving, The Lions Club is second to none of all Pennsylvania organizations doing good works in their local sectors for over 4 decades. After the holidays, it’s easy to let the spirit of giving slip between our fingers. That’s why for the next few months we’ve agreed to team up and contribute aid to some of the great work that Lion’s Club does on a year-round basis. 

The Lions Club is a multi-faceted organization that accomplishes its many missions through a range of different activities. These acts of community service are aimed to honor, recognize and assist veterans, support children and their families in times of crisis, and provide scholarships for high school students. This small-town organization has been making personal yet impactful strides in making a difference in the lives of its community members and making everyone feel protected and a part of the Everet Lions Club pride. 

Since 1939, the Lions Club has been doing amazing work in their community and we’ve always been as involved as we can. Going forward, we want to share the work that they do and encourage our customers to also find out how they can get involved. Now, we’re providing an additional way you can help: for each and every friend or family member you recommend to us for a quick no-obligation quote, we’ll contribute $10 in your name to support the Lions Club. Join the pride!