Heal the Hungry

People experience hunger every day, even though many of us are unaware of the severe disparities in our neighborhoods. Since the pandemic’s beginning, thousands of families across central PA have experienced food insecurity for the first time, one-third of them children. With the prevalence of food insecurity on the rise, it’s clear that something needs to be done to fill the urgent need for improved food distribution services in our local area. 

Thankfully, in our community, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank has made it its mission to fight hunger, improve lives, and strengthen communities of those suffering from food insecurity. Our agency’s shared vision of providing some much-needed relief to our hungry neighbors inspired us to support the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank in achieving its bold mission. 

The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank lives out its mission by supplying food through a network of partner agencies and programs that provide access to enough nutritious foods for individuals struggling with hunger in neighborhoods scattered across central PA.

Operations at this organization involve acquiring fresh produce and nonperishable items from various sources such as farmers, wholesale producers, grocers, and markets that donate food that otherwise go to waste. Since its inception, Central Pennsylvania Food Bank has provided 50,000,000 meals to those in need and serves 152,000 people every month. 

At our agency, we make it our mission to support our community in various ways through our cause campaigns. We will donate $10 on your behalf to our current Community Cause campaign for every person you recommend to us! 

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